Karen at KCB Consulting has assisted me many different ways. Working with Karen for the past 5 months, has been a real eye opener. She is a very direct yet compassionate person and has told me where I need to improve and then keeps me focused on where I need to be or get to. Karen has shown me how to be a leader in my field, use my strengths, learn from these strengths and project these strengths to my clients so they can keep moving forward. Karen has also been a great asset in building my business, showing me how to set up my business properly so I can have the successes that I would like. Her team has a great marketing understanding on how to get you marketed to the masses, and then honing your marketing campaign to have laser accuracy.



I would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about Karen Boyd as an accountability coach. I have been coaching companies in many capacities over the years. I have been working hard to figure out who I am as a business coach and what my niche is for what I do. For the past 2 years I have been coaching clients the way that other coaches have told me how to coach clients, but I am not the other coaches and their way doesn't fit for me. Karen and I spent hours working on a process that would define "ME" and together we walked through the best ways for me to obtain, coach, and keep clients. I would recommend working with Karen to help build your processes. With her insights in business, she can see where your weaknesses are as well as your strengths, and together you can build a process or system, so you don't waste valuable time trying to be someone else. You need to be yourself, that is what you are intended to be, not someone else, that is who they are intended to be!


Garth McDonald

Certified Business Coach 


I'm grateful for the wonderful and caring coaching Karen offers! I highly recommend her !



Kate Sanks

I have been working with Karen as a coach and advisor for over two years and in that time she has proven to be a valuable asset to me and my firm – which is why they agreed to cover and expense her services.  In working with Karen, I realized an increase in my billable, increased my take home pay and assumed the responsibilities of managing partner for our firm.  There has been occasion that Karen has also provided assistance directly to FIRM for which we were pleased with professionalism.


It is with my pleasure that I recommend Karen and her services.


J. Daniel Pond III, Esquire

Pond, Pond & Williams, PC

 Law of Attraction was first introduced to me by Karen. I want to take a minute to let you (Karen) know how much you have inspired my life in so many ways. Introducing me to the Law of Attraction was a life changer. THANK YOU! I take webinars now on this and more. The door has been opened to so many more new concepts and positive, productive thoughts!! LIFE IS AMAZING!


Jennifer Avery 

Karen has been my business coach for a couple of years. She has been institutional in getting me at the success level where I am now. She facilitated a business alignment between me and my business partner which was eye opening and prepared us for our next move. I recommend her not only because of the great results, but also for her integrity, coaching skills and relentless focus on making you grow.  Stellar results. 


Rene Hollebrandse


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